This austere building is an important part of Cuba's military history.

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San Salvador de la Punta Castle

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This fortress, along with La Fuerza and El Morro, makes up the group of military buildings that safeguarded the island of Cuba against attacks from invaders and pirates on the city of Havana. As a matter of fact, these three pillars appear on Cuba's coat of arms. In the case of this particular complex, the castle was built in the 16th and 17th centuries, but the construction project was shrouded in controversy. Getting the building off the ground cost a great amount of money, and as such the struggling population at the time was strongly opposed. In 1601 one of its four towers was even demolished. It was finally completed, but unlike its sister structures, this building was much more modest and Spartan, especially when it comes to its styling. Its mission was clear: to build a fortress that would help its neighbor El Morro, but without wasting public money.

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