Baseball is Cuba's national sport. It's only logical the city includes a stadium dedicated to this game.

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The Latin American Stadium

Batter up!

The giant Estadio Latinoamericano is also known as the Coloso del Cerro (Colossus of the Hill), and it's dedicated to baseball. This stadium’s construction took place in 1946, before the triumph of the Revolution. After a massive renovation that took place in the 70's it went on to become a national symbol and the official stadium of the Industriales baseball team. It also serves as the headquarters for the National Baseball Commission. Baseball is the most watched and played sport by Cubans, and each time a game is played at this stadium its 55,000 seats are filled. Also known as El Latino by its neighbors, this stadium plays host to major sporting games and cultural events. Make sure to check out its schedule, because you might be able to attend one of its events during your visit to Cuba.

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