Even though that's not its real name, everyone knows it as "El Templete." Leaving without snapping a photo here would be a sin.

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The Templete on Plaza de Armas

Nicknamed with love.

Once you find this place, upon first sight you'll be surprised. The so-called Templete, located on the Plaza de Armas in Old Havana, has been one of the most influential for the island from an architectural point of view. It was built in the year 1827, as part of a project by Captain General Francisco Dionisio Vives. What makes the building interesting is its neoclassic style, with six Doric columns imitating a Greek temple, alluding to the importance of Greco-Latin culture in the new continent. Every 16th of November, hundreds or thousands of Havana's residents flock to this monument to commemorate the founding of their city. They walk three times around the ceiba, a tropical tree deemed sacred in Santeria (the Afrocuban religion that mixes African and Catholic beliefs), and they toss a coin into the air as they ask for a wish. The legend has it that your wish will come true before the end of the year.

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