What was once the home of Don Velázquez is now the perfect museum to understand the Cuban character.

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The Velázquez House (Santiago de Cuba)

Antique would be its best definition.

Welcome to the oldest house in Cuba! It was built in the year 1522 and served as home to the first governor of the island. It's also one of the oldest homes in the American continent. It basically stood unchanged until the 20th century. In the 60's it was restored, and in the 70's it was converted to the Museum of “Ambiente Historico de Cuba.” It's equipped with a series of curious displays that allow you to learn about Cuban life from the inside by showing you the idiosyncrasies of its people. Home artifacts and decorative elements are exhibited as visitors experience time periods from the 16th century up through the 19th – giving you an aesthetic sense from these times. It makes for a fascinating educational trip through the different historic, cultural and artistic movements the Caribbean island has lived through.

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