The Yudit Vidal Faife Gallery (Trinidad)

Discover Cuban art directly from the hand of the artist.

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The Yudit Vidal Faife Gallery (Trinidad)

Lessons in Cuban art.

At Simón Bolivar Street, 294, on the corner with José Martí and Frank País in downtown Trinidad, you will find a very special place: the gallery of Yudit Vidal Faife, one of the most popular and acclaimed local artists. If you're lucky Yudit herself will be the one who shows you around when you visit the gallery. This artist, who is proud of her Cuban roots, is a native of Trinidad, the same town that has been the inspiration for a great part of her work. Each brush stroke depicts scenes of life in the area. She will explain to you more about her artwork and her city at the gallery, which makes it the place to learn more about Cuba in-depth. Getting to know her paintings is a lesson in Cuban art from this century and the previous, its symbology and the history of Trinidad.

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