Ancient, artsy Toubab Dialao

Perched atop a sea cliff, Senegal's oldest village offers stunning sunsets and a vibrant cultural scene.

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Ancient, artsy Toubab Dialao

South of Dakar, a very old fishing village with a newly artsy vibe.

An ancient fishing village south of Petite Côte and 55 kilometres (34 miles) from Dakar, Toubab Dialao (also sometimes spelled Toubab Dialaw) dates back centuries - and in fact is thought to be one of the first permanent human settlements in the territory which is now Senegal. Perched over a secluded cove atop rocky reddish cliffs, it offers among other things one of the most spectacular sunsets we've ever seen. Other highlights include the École des Sables (School of the Sands), an African dance centre as well as another arts centre, the Espace Sobo Badé with an architecture that's almost Gaudí-esque. A special little town indeed!

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