The fishermen of Soumbédioune

Come out here around sunset to get a look and feel for an area that goes to the heart of what Dakar is all about.

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The fishermen of Soumbédioune

Experiencing the soul of Dakar.

To really get a true picture of Dakar and feel its throbbing pulse, you'll need to check out its ports, because life here is strongly linked to fishing and the sea, and so witnessing the coming and going of boats is almost like seeing a living organism in action. One of the most best places to capture this experience is the Soumbédioune, crossed by the Route de la Corniche Ouest. If you can, try to get out here around sunset, which is not just more scenic but is also when the bay is full of fishermen returning from their day's work. Even so, you'll be able to spot all kinds of boats on the beach at any time of day - a sight which perfectly captures this city. To top off this outing, stop off at its craft market, one of the most locally popular ones, and always worth a look.

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