This shop offers endless styles of hats for all tastes and is a real Düsseldorf institution.

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Brigitte Roos' hats

All shapes and colours.

This quirky hat shop got its celebrity name from a combination of Brigitte Bardot and Kelley Roos. Surprisingly, this brand has taken a very specific, limited accessory and created a real institution in the fashion world, right here in Düsseldorf. Under the premise that hats are not just outdated, women’s accessories, this shop offers hats designed for all types of people and occasions. You only have to walk in here to see for yourself! The diverse styles range from period pieces that replicate those worn by famous actresses on the silver screen, to the most modern styles for men, sporty people and the more adventurous customer. All these pieces are made by hand and the designs are one-of-a-kind. If you’re a fashionista and would like to bring home a unique souvenir, this is the shop for you. It is located at 23 Bastionstrasse Street.

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