1,100 paved and magical square metres in the middle of the old town. You can't leave without visiting this place!

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Höchster Schlobplatz

A strategic location.

Located in the old city centre, this square is a strategic location for planning a journey through time around the city of Frankfurt. Located at the end of the street named 'Bolongarostrasse', you'll find this square which is surrounded by several historic buildings. To one side, you have the South Tower, which is to the west of St. Justin's Church (the oldest church in Frankfurt and among the longest-standing in Germany) and to the north, you'll see where the 'Schlob Höchst' starts. This enormous paved square has an area of nearly 1,100 square metres and a stone ground that's been there since Medieval times which is just waiting for you to come and visit it. It's one of those magical places in the city, which is why a few cafés and terraces have been opened here by the side. It's worth taking a seat for a while here and to have a drink or something as you gaze at the landscape. Think that the origins of the city took place around here. There's a great atmosphere in the square that continues late on into the night and especially during the spring and summer seasons.

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