Thousands of busy hives make this company-museum a sought-after place to visit.

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Bee and Honey Museum

The Mayan bee.

Another Jerez company which displays its craft and activity centre is the Rancho Cortesano which houses the Bee and Honey Museum on Carretera Cuartillos. This company shows the beekeeping process and its therapeutic properties, and the tour includes seeing the so-called 'Honey Field', with more than 2,000 beehives at full capacity. The Bee and Honey Museum showcases various products such as royal jelly, propolis, pollen, wax, soap and cosmetics derived from this product, all available for tasting and sale in the museum shop. On your visit do not miss out on tasting their light and dark honey, winner of several awards in honey competitions and distinguished by quality labels such as 'Organic Honey' and 'Natural Park Brand '.

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