The convents have a long relationship with all kinds of sweet recipes. Have you heard of them?

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Confectionary Convents

Secret confectioners.

The Cadiz convents are known for their delicious recipes and exquisite confectionary which has remained a secret inside its walls for generations. If you have a sweet-tooth and want to take home a sweet souvenir from Jerez, this is the perfect place to get one. You will also find legendary treats from the Madre de Dios Convent's nuns, on Madre de Dios Square, the Santa María de Gracia Convent and the Santa Clara Convent, on Barja Street. As the tradition goes, the confectioners' cannot speak to you, but you may buy their delicacies: such as mantecados (a sweet Christmas treat), pestiños (honey-coated fritters), 'bones of the saint', tea biscuits, butter cupcakes, tarts or almond pastries.

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