Shop and museum, a tribute to something more than a simple piece of clothing, or at least so the Andalusian think.

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Costume Museum

Cultural symbol.

For the Andalusians, an outfit is much more than a piece of clothing: almost considered a cultural symbol. On Bizcocheros Street in Jerez you will find a private shop-museum, the Outfit Museum, which sells delicate garments as well as exhibiting an exclusive collection of traditional and country costumes, and owned by master craftsman Diaz Salazar. Did you know that men should wear their hat slightly tilted to the right and women to the left? At the Outfit Museum you will learn interesting fact such as what colours to wear (always neutral tones without flower patterns), the pieces that make up an outfit (with leggings, fringed trousers, a loose shirt with frills and a waistcoat), and as standard protocol requires, you cannot remove your jacket or unbutton your shirt.

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