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Historic-Artistic Centre

Orange trees and carriages.

Surrounded by orange trees, fountains and lavish horse-drawn carriages, the buildings belonging to the Historic-Artistic Centre in Jerez are worth taking some time to marvel at. The town planning ensures you will find a wide variety of architectural structures in the centre. The Asunción Square, where city scribes formerly worked in travelling shops, is filled with Renaissance and Mudejar neoclassical buildings. Here you will find the Cabildo Viejo, St. Dionisio's Gothic-Mudejar Church, formerly a mosque, and the old 17th century prison which now serves as a courthouse. Your stroll will eventually take you to Larga Street, the main area where you can find another interesting neo-Mudejar monument, the Blue Rooster, circular in shape and a symbol of the city since 1929.

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