In this friendly little shop you will find all kinds of books. A must for all bookworms.

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Hojas de Bohemia Bookshop

Tiny bookshop.

Lovers of literature, print books, the smell of paper and poetic sensibility are in luck. A small antique-feel bookshop recently opened in Jerez. It has also been an important move for broadening the city's cultural interest thanks to the conferences, writing workshops, literary presentations, storytelling and poetry recitals that are organised on its refreshing patio. It's name is Hojas de Bohemia Bookshop, located on Vargas Square, and well worth visiting to immerse yourself in its books where you will no doubt find some hidden treasures. Linked to the Romero Caballero hospitality group, inside you can discover traditional Jerez recipe books or books about the equestrian and wine traditions in the city, as well as those detailing the city's Arab past and Jerez's historical secrets, exclusive to the shop.

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