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Jerez Flamenco Festival

Flamenco Flashmob.

Can you imagine being part of a flamenco flashmob? This flashmob is an open invitation, through social networking sites, to an event which is celebrated in the Jerez Flamenco Festival between February and March. Here you can discover your artistic side and practice four dance steps while you mingle with local artists. The huge 'duende' festival brings the best representatives of this genre to the city, with shows which always achieve great critical and commercial success. If watching flamenco on stage is not your thing, you can also participate in workshops and intensive courses offered to flamenco lovers. Do you know the difference between the fandango, siguiriyas or farrucas? The Flamenco Festival is even a good opportunity to even learn about wine, or try your hand at flamenco singing or clapping courses.

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