Seeing this town is a real must for its architectural, archaeological and natural richness.

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Medina Sidonia

A charming town only 46 kilometres from Jerez.

A trip not to be missed on your visit to Cadiz is the town of Medina Sidonia, just 46 kilometers from Jerez. Its charm not only lies in the pastures and forests that surround it, but in its architectural and archaeological richness which you can see on foot. In Medina Sidonia, you will find a curious Roman site from the 1st century AD with 20 meters of underground galleries that form part of the hydraulic constructions. But your archaeological adventure does not end here: the so-called 'Castle Hill', declared a Historic-Archaeological Heritage Site, will take you on another exciting journey through centuries of history, from the remains of the Bronze Age to the earliest fortifications. Here you will find three superimposed fortresses: the first a Roman castle, on which stood an Arabic fortress from the Almoravid period and later a medieval castle.

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