A legacy from Ponce de Leon nobles, this building shows the old medieval power struggle between families.

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Riquelme Palace

Plateresque glitz.

Amongst its attractions, Mercado Square in the old town, has a building which reflects the medieval power struggles between families: the Riquelme Palace. This stylish building, which belonged to the Riquelme family, was a signal of power against the rival Jerez families, such as the Ponce de Leon nobles. The palace has a Renaissance-plateresque style facade, which was unusual during the 16th century, and loomed over Mercado Square, previously reserved for the city's Arab souks, and which still retains its charm today. Riquelme Palace makes reference to ancient mythology, such as the heroism of Hercules, with its front-facing sculptures and ornaments. In the Corinthian columns on its facade, it also reflects the influences of Genoese traders who came to Cadiz by sea.

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