San Juan de los Caballeros Church

A historical and legendary church with a cracked Gothic dome and Renaissance façade.

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San Juan de los Caballeros Church

A mix of styles.

Legend has it that in the 13th century Alfonso X of Castile, at just 10 years old, participated in the Christian-Islamic battles of Jerez during the Reconquista. During the fighting in the city, the Christian army besieged, occupied and reconverted old mosques into churches. Whether fiction or reality, one of the six churches in the city that the King founded is the San Juan de los Caballeros Church, apparently taking its name from a letter written to the King asking for reinforcements against the Arab siege in 1285 - signed in blood by the caballeros (knights) from Jerez. Its construction took nearly three centuries, making it the oldest in the area. For this reason you will find a variety of architectural styles in this church: from its cracked Gothic dome on the facade to its Renaissance Tower.

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