Their Spanish omelette is exquisite. 'La Nena', the loyal chef, is the reason behind it.

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Tabanco San Pablo

Flamenco left, right and centre!

In Tabanco San Pablo, situated in San Pablo Street in the heart of the flamenco district of San Miguel, you will find that flamenco lives and breathe all around you and has done ever since it opened its doors in 1934. Tío Manuel was responsible for creating the basis for the typical Andalusian tapas and sandwiches which are accompanied by a 'fino' (fine wine) from their old winery. Almost like a supersticion, the cook 'Nena' (Mari Carmen Nieves, the owner's wife) has been using the same fork for more than two decades to mix together the ingredients for her spectacular omelette, which is why the locals keep returning. Other homemade dishes that you can enjoy in the Tabanco San Pablo are seasoned potatoes, with tuna, egg, parsley and a special touch of vinegar. The sandwiches will also surprise you, with fillings such as shredded beef and cheese.

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