Who doesn't know the famous Tío Pepe? Visit their wineries and enter into this strange world.

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Tío Pepe Wineries

Costume, hat and guitar.

If you do not know the symbol of the Tío Pepe Wineries (bottles dressed in Andalusian costumes, hats and guitars included) it is time to pay a visit to the Jerez wineries which give it its name around the world. Their history dates back to 1835, when Manuel María González started wine production, aging techniques and exporting, with advice from his famous 'Tío Pepe' (Uncle Pepe). The first export was the sending of 10 bottles to London, thus founding the González-Byass company. Even the Queen of England at the time, Queen Elizabeth II, was interested in these wines and wanted to see their local origin in 1862. Today you can imagine royalty buying this delicious elixir from the company after a guided tour of their vineyards, the founder's original laboratory, and a wine cellar with 300 year old barrels and even 'stills' where the wines were distilled.

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