Travel through Andalusia's medieval past, little more than an hour away by car. An obligatory visit.

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Vejer de la Frontera

Medieval picturesque town.

A little more than an hour from Jerez by car is the picturesque medieval town of Vejer de la Frontera. It is an old town, declared a Historical and Artistic Heritage Site which still retains the charm of an ancient fortified city, with a wall that remains standing, extending over many hills, several defensive towers and monumental gateways. Your visit to Vejer de la Frontera will involve a journey back in time, with traditional whitewashed Andalusian houses, amongst which is the Marquis de Tamaron Mansion, from the late 17th century, or España Square, where you can imagine bullfights being celebrated, held here at the initiative of the Vejer knights and nobles. A walk through the cobblestoned streets will lead you to one of the last remnants of Islamic construction: the 10th century castle with stunning panoramic views.

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