Besides endangered animals, you will see exotic species and can enjoy a spectacular stroll through the Botanic Gardens.

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A day of leisure.

The first inhabitants of Jerez Zoo Park, which has been open to the public in the Tempul Gardens for more than half a century, were a pair of ostriches, two cheetahs, a golden eagle and a drill monkey. In addition, the zoo had an extraordinary team of gardeners and landscapers, whose prestigious hot and cold greenhouses laid the foundations for the Botanic Gardens which is fully installed today. In the 1950s the zoo opened its doors and its exotic animal population grew, curiously due to the fact that the zoo curator's brother was a snake hunter in Africa and sent many specimens from there, many of which did not survive the climate change. Today, Zoobotánico is a leading national establishment for the conservation and breeding of endangered species, and the perfect place to enjoy a day of leisure.

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