An enormous crystal structure with a garden and a pool. You’d never think it was a cathedral.

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Crystal Cathedral

A cathedral unlike any you've seen before.

Beyond Disneyland or Laguna Beach, one of Orange County's main attractions is its cathedral. Situated half an hour from the centre of Los Angeles, in Anaheim, its construction was the idea of Robert H. Schuller, one of America's best-known protestant pastors. The cathedral, which was finished in 1981, was designed by the architect Philip Johnson and has 16,000 tube organ and over 10,600 windows (hence the name). It is a very uncommon type of religious building, surrounded by a garden and pool, with a Gothic style chapel supported by Italian marble pillars. Schuller's congregation owned the building until 2012, when it had to be sold due to bankruptcy. His sermons used to gather over 10,000 people in a space which only had 3,000 seats. In fact, most of the congregation would have to follow proceedings from one of the annexes via television screens. The new owners of the building, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, have turned it into a Catholic place of worship whose official name is now Christ Church Cathedral. Additional information available at

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