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Federal Courthouse

Some of the most famous courts.

Many buildings in Los Angeles have become well known throughout the world after being seen in some of the most famous American films. That is not the case for this place, which sadly is known more recently as the venue for ex-football player O.J. Simpson's court case. He was accused and eventually acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her lover, though some years later he was convicted by a different tribunal. Situated on 312 North Spring Street, in the heart of Downtown, it was designed by architects Gilbert Stanley Underwood and Louis A. Simon and inaugurated in 1940. It was designed in a modernist style, and has 17 floors which have seen famous actors walk down its corridors, such as Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin, both facing paternity charges. It also had a prominent role during the 40s, when it saw the members of the Un-American Activities Committee gathered to investigate different Hollywood personalities' links with communism. The rectangular building sits on a huge steel structure and has many period pieces inside, as well as polychrome floors, plaster ceilings, and aluminium lamps.

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