Famous for its literary collection but also for its long history.

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Los Angeles Central Library

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Situated on 630 Fifth Street, this historic building of Los Angeles, designed by architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, displays an interesting mix of neo-byzantine, neo-egypcian, and neo-classical styles. On the inside, the Dean Cornwell frescoes are worth highlighting. They depict California's epic history in four stages. There is also space for the figures, the statues and candelabra, among many other elements. There are currently around 2.5 million documents in the shelves of this great library, including books, photographs, and maps. This makes it the third biggest in the United States, both in terms of size and number of volumes. It was restored and expanded between 1988 and 1993 by the architect Norman Pfeiffer, who gave it a modernist touch, as well as including a great, eight-floor atrium. Since 2001 its official name is Richard Riordan Central Library, in honour of one of the city's former mayors.

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