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Unlike other places in the United States, Los Angeles has great variety in its food, far beyond hamburgers and hot dogs. Of course there are also fast food establishments, but even these are more discerning that what you find in many other North American cities. Possibly the best example of this is Philippe's Original Sandwich Shop, on 101 North Alameda Street. Founded in 1908 by Philippe Mathieu as a small shop on Aliso Street, its star dish is the French Dipped Sandwich. Famous all over the city, this particular sandwich was born by accident in 1918, when Mathieu dropped a sandwich in a pot full of sauce. Essentially, that is what it is: a crusty roll filled with meat (pork, lamb, turkey, or ham), dipped in the sauce from the roast. The popularity of this simple dish saw the business grow very quickly, to the point where it had to move to its current location in the centre of Los Angeles. The establishment also offers a variety of salads, including cabbage, macaroni, eggs, olives, and other ingredients. More information can be found at

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