The world-famous Santa Monica awaits you to walk on the beach or visit some of the restaurants.

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Santa Monica Beach

Baywatch in action!

Santa Monica is the preferred holiday resort for Californian artists and millionaires, which is why prices here are somewhat higher than in the rest of the city, especially where accommodation is concerned. In any case, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll along Ocean Avenue, the boardwalk, where there are several art deco buildings, as well as a multitude of hotels and restaurants. There is a small wooden pier located on the beach where there are lots of places to sample fish and seafood. There is also a small theme park, with a tiny rollercoaster and even an aquarium. Swimming at Santa Monica beach is a pleasure that transports you to the series ‘Baywatch’, filmed on this part of the Californian coast. The water temperature tends to be very comfortable for swimming, although it is advisable to move away from the pier, since its surroundings can be quite dirty. As a frequent meeting place for the Hispanic community of Los Angeles, especially in the holidays, the atmosphere in this part of Santa Monica will make you feel at home.

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