In addition to being the headquarters for the Daily Planet, it is landmark building in the city.

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The City Hall of Los Angeles

This is where Superman's love story began.

Fans of the Superman films will immediately recognise this building as the headquarters of the 'Daily Planet' newspaper where Clark Kent met his beloved Lois Lane and disguised his superhero identity with that of a shy reporter. The Los Angeles City Hall is free to visit and can be found on 200 North Spring Street, in the heart of Downtown LA. The top part of the building boasts a pyramid structure designed by architects John Austin, John Parkinson, and Albert C. Martin. It dates from 1928 and has 32 floors, giving it a total height of 138 metres. For decades, structures higher than 46 metres were forbidden in Los Angeles, except for purely artistic constructions. Therefore, up until 1964, this building was the tallest in the city, along with the Richfield Tower and the Eastern Columbia Building. As a result of damage suffered during the last great earthquake that shook Los Angeles in the 90s, the building was subjected to a series of structural reinforcements to make it more resistant to earth movements.

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