Local food? You are sure to find a wide array of restaurants to choose from in Los Angeles.

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Traditional food from California

Culinary variety.

California is one of the ethnically and culturally richest regions in the United States. This is reflected in its food, which is highly innovative and varied, with clear Mexican influences. Tacos and tortillas are among its traditional dishes, filled with meat or prawns, as well as lettuce and tomato. One of the restaurants known for this type of food is Michael's (www.michaelssantamonica.com), situated on 1147 Third Street, in Santa Mónica. Since it opened in 1979, this establishment has been known for its contemporary food and constant evolution. Added to its unique salads, pizzas, and meat dishes, one can choose from numerous wines and cocktails. In the centre of the city, Cafe Pinot (www.patinagroup.com/cafePinot) is well worth a visit. It is one of Los Angeles' most exclusive corners, offering dishes which combine Californian and French cooking traditions. The origin of this place can be traced to 1920. It is found on 700 West Fifth Street, very close to the Central Library. Another option is Hartfield's (www.hatfieldrestaurant.com), on 6703 Melrose Avenue, offering light dishes, full of vegetables and a selection of sauces. They are also well known for their cocktails and wine list, with offerings from California and France.

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