The identity traits of the historic centre of Mexico City are those that were set by the Spanish conquerors. No doubt about it.

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A stroll through the Spanish cultural legacy

Colonial strolls

Colonial buildings still occupy the main places in the city. A good way to get to know them is wandering down its streets while looking at the buildings as you pass them by. Most of the Spanish cultural legacy is in the historical centre, where it is virtually impossible to walk along a street without running into something that was founded by the Spanish. Such is the case, for instance, when walking down Calle de la Moneda, to the Casa de las Campanas, where in 1563 was the first printing press in Latin America, and the old Archbishop's palace; the former Real Casa de la Moneda (Royal Mint), now the Museo Nacional de las Culturas, and the church of Santa Inés. On the same street, which changes name and becomes General Emiliano Zapata, you can find the old Academia de San Carlos, founded by king Carlos III, and where the Amor de Dios hospital stood for a while. A little further down you will see a Churrigueresca façade, in a very Spanish style. It's the Santísima Trinidad church, also built in colonial times.

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