43 metres is the diameter of the most important bullring in the world. That is, apart from those in Spain.

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Bullfighting in La Monumental de México

Mexican bulls.

Mexico is, leaving Spain aside, the country where bullfighting is most popular. So much so, that the largest bullring in the world is precisely here, in the capital. With capacity for 41,000 people and a 43 metre arena, this place has been the making of many great bullfighters. This building was started in April 1944, as part of a larger project that included the creation of a great City of Sports, and was inaugurated on 5th of February, 1946, with a bullfight featuring the most famous torero of the time, Manuel Rodríguez, also known as Manolete. An enormous mural will greet you at the main entrance. This work of art shows a number of bullfighters and assistants that were famous back then, giving place of honour to the three matadores who performed on the opening day, and also to the Lebanese businessman who built the bullring; behind all this, some images pertaining to pre-Hispanic times can also be seen. The result is an aesthetically curious composition that will surely not leave the visitor cold. The Feria Grande takes place between November and February.

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