The variations on chocolate are endless, but cinnamon chocolate is undoubtedly one of the most typical versions.

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Choco, chocolate!

You will find chocolate in any possible style and variety, because it is a local product, unknown in Europe until the first conquerors brought it back from Mexico. It is quite common for chocolate bars in Mexico to include cinnamon and crushed almonds, which lends it a very distinctive flavour, quite unlike what we are used to having. When drunk in a cup, it generally has milk and sugar, like they do it Spain, but the Mexican version is mixed in a small mill, so that the final result is somewhat different. Mexicans also have chocolate mixed with a corn paste, the way it was drunk before the arrival of the Spanish, as a thick drink known as champurrado. A good place for a champurrado is the "Café de Tacuba" ( Founded in 1912, in an old 17th century stately home, the Café is still decorated with colourful tiles and large oil paintings. Another interesting work of art in the Café is the large chocolate mural painting representing the history of cocoa, from pre-Hispanic times to its adoption by Europeans to make all sorts of sweets and baked goods.

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