Mexicans are good at making spirits: pulque, mezcal or tequila are good proof of this.

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Tequila, lemon and salt.

The agave is an American plant found mainly in Mexico, where its inhabitants have managed to extract all of its properties. By fermenting it and distilling it, Mexicans have created not just the well-known tequila, but also other drinks like mezcal and pulque, which are homemade and can be found in the cantinas (bars) around the city. These drinks are so popular that bars are also known as pulquerías (pulque bars). One of the best known in the Mexico city is "La Hija de los Apaches", a very popular establishment with a great atmosphere, where it is traditional to serve pulque with a pinch of cinnamon on top. This bar organises rock and salsa music nights, and its stage has been the starting point of many a musical career for Mexican bands. Another traditional place to enjoy a good drink is "Bar La Ópera" (, a bar with classic French-style decor that first opened in 1876. Grab a seat at its long wooden bar and order an Opera cocktail. Its ingredients are a secret!

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