This really is an enormous museum, so we highly recommend joining a guided tour.

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Museo Nacional de Arte (National Art Museum)


Notwithstanding its gripping collection, you could visit this museum just to wander around its splendid rooms. This great palace was designed by architect Silvio Contri in 1904, and it was originally the country's Secretariat of Communications and Public Works. Popularly known as MUNAL, this centre opened in 1982 and has over 30 exhibition rooms, for which reason we recommend joining one of the guided tours organised everyday at 12 am and 2 pm. The permanent collection encompasses the last five centuries and is divided in several periods: the Spanish domination, the first century of independence and the "new nation" that arose after the 1910 revolution. Among the over 6,000 works of art in its collection, we would like to draw your attention to "Virgen del Apocalipsis" (Our Lady of the Apocalypse), by Miguel Cabrera, a large canvas measuring 3.5m squared. In its cafeteria, Finca Santa Veracruz, you can have coffee, pastries and traditional Mexican hot chocolate. And during weekends, there are free concerts in the Salón de Recepciones, a unique experience for the senses, due to the great decoration and the good acoustics in the room.

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