The 48 km that separate this park from the capital are no obstacle to it being a great tourist attraction.

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Parque Desierto de los leones

No desert or lions.

Despite its name having no relation with the mythical king of the jungle, the park certainly deserves a visit, but be warned: there is no desert there either. Quite on the contrary, the water from its springs was used to supply Mexico City for many years. Located about 48 km from the capital, it has become a tourist destination in itself and many Mexicans and foreigners come here, either to stay for a few restful days or for a private celebration, like weddings, birthday parties or quinceañera celebrations - a girl's 15th birthday is big news in Mexico. Within the park there is also the old Carmelitas Descalzos convent, built in Renassaince style, although these days the central chapel is nearly in ruins. The park administration offers some environmentally-oriented activities, mostly for children, but it is possible to play all sorts of sports or just enjoy the natural surroundings while tasting the typical local quesadillas.

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