One of the main features in this park is the Magdalena river, with its falls and springs. Not to be missed...

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Parque Nacional Los Dinamos

Protected Natural Area of the Cañada Contreras forests

About 40 minutes by car or one hour by public transport from the city centre there is this great forest and country area known as Los Dinamos National Park, within the Protected Natural Area of the Cañada Contreras forests. This is a park devoted to ecotourism, where the visitor can practice a number of sports, such as climbing, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and fishing. Its attractions include the Magdalena river, which runs through the zone; 12 km of its course are navigable, with lovely falls and springs. It is precisely the activity that took place beside the river that gives its name to the park. In the days of the Porfirio Díaz government (1876-1910) there were four hydro-electric generators by the river, to power the textile factories in the town of La Magdalena. For a full experience, the best plan is to have lunch in one of its traditional palapas, palm-roofed huts selling traditional food and drinks at reasonable prices. The local speciality is trout, bred in hatcheries locally by the restaurants' owners.

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