Paseo de la Reforma and its monuments to Columbus and to the Revolution

These are the Mexican Champs Élysees. A long, tree-lined avenue, monumental and splendid like its French model.

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Paseo de la Reforma and its monuments to Columbus and to the Revolution

Thanks to Maximiliano.

The Emperor Maximiliano didn't last long on the throne, but he left for posterity the Paseo de la Reforma, which is about 12 km long and whose design was inspired by Paris's Champs Élysees. His intention, however, was to call it Paseo de la Emperatriz, to honour his wife; since 1872 it has become Paseo de la Reforma, after the modernising, liberal laws implemented in the country between 1855 and 1863. Since then, it seems that every government has wanted to leave their mark in this avenue by building a great monument. So we have the Monumento a la Independencia, the Diana Cazadora fountain, the monument to Cuauhtémoc... the list is endless, going from the Estela de la Luz (Stele of Light - erected to celebrate the Second Centenary of Independence) to the Fuente de Petróleos (Oil Fountain), a monument to the nationalisation of this energy source in 1938. This is a long, leafy avenue, full of roundabouts where we can find all these monuments. A good place, simply to take a stroll and enjoy the ambience of Mexican streets.

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