The good old neverías: "La Especial de París"

Cooling down with a nieve (snow) from "La Especial de París" or a paleta from "La Michoacana", is an experience in itself!

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The good old neverías:

Paletas of every flavour.

Paleterías or neverías are the traditional names for ice cream shops in Mexico, although nowadays are also known as heladerías, the same as in other Spanish speaking countries. The first name is derived from the traditional ice lollies on a stick or paletas, and the second one comes from the way ice cream was known; people would speak of a strawberry or chocolate nieve. There are a number of these shops in the capital, but undoubtedly the most famous one is "La Especial de Paris" ( This business was started in 1921 by an enthusiastic youth, Domingo Lozada, who began to walk the streets with a small cart where he had installed his neveria, selling vanilla ice cream and lemon nieve. Eventually, he found refuge for his street business on the corner of Artes and París streets, where he had a wooden hut. His descendants still continue with the tradition in the same avenue. You can always go to "La Michoacana" (, named after the place of its humble beginnings (Tocumbo, in Michoacán), back in the 40s. Nowadays it is a chain with over 1000 shops just in Mexico City.

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