As well as the monument to Carlos IV, do not miss, opposite this square, the neoclassical Palacio de la Minería. You'll like it.

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The Plaza de Manuel Tolsá, with the Carlos IV statue and the Palacio de la Minería

"El Caballito" (the little horse), statue of Carlos IV.

The king, Carlos IV of Spain, died abroad, having been sent into exile by his own son, and his riding statue was once on the brink of being melted down to make cannons, after independence. It was eventually saved from the furnace but, perhaps to strip the pictured king of all his ancient power, Mexicans have given this statue the diminutive name ofEl Caballito. Now, after many changes of location, the monarch's effigy - a work of the architect and sculptor Manuel Tolsá - reigns once again in the square devoted to the Valencian artist, who created many important projects that helped shape the city. Another of his works is the Palacio de la Minería (open for visits, Monday to Friday, mornings only), which is in the same square. It is considered the best example of neoclassical style in the city. On certain occasions, this small square houses fairs and markets.

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