The Veracruz coffee is certainly the most famous, but in Mexico City they are equally good at making coffee.

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The tradition of coffee

The aroma of coffee.

The best coffees in the world are produced in Veracruz, one of which, of course, can be found in every bar in the capital, where they also prepare it in a very special way. You won't see it in every cafeteria, but some of them still prepare coffee a la olla, that is, in an old clay pan and served with brown sugar, known here as piloncillo. Waiters are particularly skilful when it comes to serving coffee. You can also order cream, and it will be served on the side. A place with a long tradition is the "Café La Blanca" (Avenue 5 de Mayo;, an establishment founded in 1915 by the Asturian émigré Higinio Gutiérrez Peláez, who named it after the dairy he also owned, "La Blanca". In this café, the white-clad waiters make a stark contrast against the orange of the upholstery and the period furniture.

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