The Zona Rosa, the most important shopping area in the city.

Shopping and leisure everywhere in one of the most famous neighbourhoods in the city.

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The Zona Rosa, the most important shopping area in the city.

Red by night, white by day.

The Zona Rosa (Pink Zone, originally called the Zona Dorada -Golden Zone- and later, Lila -Lilac-), as it became known during the 60s due to, according to some researchers, the artist José Luis Cuevas, who had declared that the area was red by night and white by day, therefore pink as a result. Other people believe the name has to do with the great number of gay-related establishments in Amberes street. Whatever the explanation, this is the most important shopping and leisure area in the city, and its streets are lined with shopping centres, art galleries, book stores and all sorts of commercial premises, mostly of the upmarket variety. At the end of the 19th century, the wealthy families and diplomats used to live in this area, and they tried to give it a European touch. This is why its streets are named after the capital cities of the Old Continent and there are many mansions built in French baroque style, not forgetting the lavish houses boasting snow covers over the windows... entirely useless in Mexico, of course.

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