Viveros de Coyoacán, a part of the Parque Nacional El Histórico Coyoacán

You'll be surrounded by the scent of eucalyptus and the quick squirrels. You can also relax watching others practice yoga and taichi.

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Viveros de Coyoacán, a part of the Parque Nacional El Histórico Coyoacán

The first nursery in the city.

One single hectare. That was the starting point for this Coyoacán nurseries, born from the initiative of engineer Ángel de Quevedo, who in 1901 donated this land to create the city's first nursery. A tireless researcher and passionate about plants, he had to struggle with the authorities to get them to back his project, but in the end, it became a reality in 1907. Since then, adjacent plots have been added to it, up to the 40 hectares it has nowadays. In memory of its founder, in the centre of the park there is a statue to honour the "ángel del árbol" ("tree angel"), as people called him. In the nurseries there are regular flower displays, and it is also possible to buy plants, soil and seeds. The nurseries are part of the large El Histórico Coyoacán National Park, which can be visited to enjoy the scent of eucalyptus while watching the squirrels running about. Lately, it has become quite usual to see people running and groups practising yoga or taichi, in which anyone is welcome to join in. However, keep in mind that the park's five entrances close at 6.30 pm.

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