If you are travelling with children this is a must. They will have an enjoyable afternoon and learn a lot too.

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Miami Children's Museum

Something for the kids

If you are travelling with children you will definitely have a specific place in mind where they can have a good time. However, it’s no bad thing if they learn something as well as enjoying themselves, so one place to bear in mind is the Miami Children’s Museum. Opened in 1983, this children’s museum was designed so that youngsters could enjoy themselves and learn new things in a fun way. More than 10 rooms are full of colourful creations, like bilingual and interactive displays and activities relating to art, communication and culture, and full of elements purposefully designed so that children can experiment with them and touch them – and they won't be told off! In one of the rooms they will be able to dress up as different grown-up professions; in another, they can learn how to look after a pet; in the next room, they can give free rein to their creativity and feel like Da Vinci himself... (www.miamichildrenmuseum.org).

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