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Venetian Pool

A freshwater swimming pool

It’s true to say that most of the apartments and hotels in this hot metropolis tend to have their own pool, but, if you fancy a swim somewhere different and special, head for the Venetian Pool. Situated in the residential neighbourhood of Coral Gables, this natural pool, excavated from coral rock, is truly beautiful. Originally created as part of the Venetian Casino, it was opened to the public at the beginning of the twentieth century and is currently included in the National Register of Historic Places (this is the only swimming pool which can boast of such recognition). In addition to the surrounding architecture , the waterfalls and even a small grotto, its spring waters are encircled by lush palm trees and other native vegetation. Just to give you an idea, it could be described as a sort of lagoon in the middle of a flowery, tropical garden. A total delight (

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