A top example of an Iron Age settlement, with megaliths, dwellings, walls, and more

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Talatí de Dalt Neolithic Site

One of the island's top prehistoric settlements

More than most any other destination in the world, Minorca is a treasure trove of prehistoric sites - in part thanks to the fact that for millennia it was such an isolated island. They are testament to the ancient vintage of human presence here, and of activities, customs, and history which would otherwise disappear into the mists of time. Talatí de Dalt is one of the best examples of this. Just four kilometres (2½ miles) from capital Maó, at its entrance you'll find a pair of natural caves, the talaiot (megalith) which gives the site its name; a sanctuary including a taula (massive vertical stone topped by another massive horizontal stone); and various still standing columns. Inside you'll find dwellings as well as the remains of an ancient walls around the settlement, to help protect against attacks.

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