A means of transport for getting round the city and to discover small works of art.

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An Outing in the Metro

The Moscow underground.

Although the idea of building a means of underground transport arose at the beginning of the 20th century, construction didn't begin until 1931 when the communists were in power. The building work continued during the war years, as the underground served as a refuge from the attacks, as well as provide public transport. Nowadays, Moscow has 12 lines, 182 stations, and a total length of nearly 300 kilometres of track. It's worth having a walk round the underground to discover and admire the decoration of each one of the stations. During the period the underground was being developed, there used to be competitions among the Muscovites to build the stations, and to decorate them. That's why each station is unique with their mosaics and paintings that commemorate and show the country's history. Interesting, isn't it?

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