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Arbat Street and Surroundings

A modern district.

If you walk round this picturesque district, you'll discover an essence of Moscow that you won't find in another place. Besides this, you can also buy souvenirs at low prices in the small shops located on the ground floor of the buildings. Among the streets, you'll discover churches such as St. Simeon, and houses where famous writers and Russian nobles used to live like Alexander Pushkin. In fact, there is a bronze sculpture opposite his former house that represents the poet beside his wife. You'll also see the commemorative sculpture of the singer, Bulat Okudzhava which is surrounded by some bronze arches covered with quotes of the singer's romantic poems. Being the modern district it is, there is also a piece of history of the place on the walls: one of the walls has become a place of pilgrimage for the fans of a music group called Kino, whose star, Viktor Tsoi, died in a car accident during the 90s.

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