A large quantity of stalls with interesting objects in the middle of the street, all livened up with street life.

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Izmailovsky Market

A street market and bargaining.

In this interesting street market located in the park which shares the same name, and very near the stop called Partizanskaya, it's easy to get lost among so many stalls around the small wooden houses that imitate the Kremlin's walls. Don't forget to haggle to get old and typically Russian objects at low prices. At Izmailovsky, you can acquire medals and old coins, 'matryoshka' dolls, hats, handcrafted objects, and even original paintings. A large quantity of objects that survived the wars which you can take back as a souvenir of your visit round the huge Russian city! The souvenirs are also very cheap and easy to buy in this market. During the winter, you'll find charming snow-covered narrow streets, and if it's Christmas, the music and decorative objects will put you fully into the festive spirit. This market is open every day of the week but you'll find many more people during weekends, as well as a different atmosphere with street musicians who give your walk round the market a special touch.

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