A spectacular building that you must see from outside to admire its architecture.

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The Kremlin Senate

The corner of the Kremlin.

Its triangular floor, which in turn is divided into three triangles that link the buildings through an inner courtyard was built this way to fully make the most of the corner that it occupies in the Kremlin, which complicated the construction (1776-1788) in a big way. Its 25-metre diameter and 27-metre tall circular hall attracts attention due to its large Corinthian-style columns that hold its gigantic dome which features 24 windows decorated with bas-reliefs. Its construction marked a turning point for the formation of public buildings in many Russian cities that used the Kremlin Senate as an example, and it was here where the Senate was established during the soviet era, although it was refurbished between 1992 and 1995 to house the residency of the Russian Federation's president. In fact, the Russian flag is always waving above the dome. Incidentally, this was the first place where the red flag was raised in 1917 to symbolise the USSR.

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