Huge in size, don't miss these during your visit to the Kremlin.

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The World's Largest Bell and Cannon

Two attractions in the Kremlin.

When you're in the Kremlin, you must go and have a photo taken of you with the Tsar Cannon. Made of bronze, measuring more than five metres long and weighing 39 tons, it was made by Andrei Chokhov in 1586 and ii decorated in reliefs. This cannon is considered as the largest in the world. The cast iron balls have been left around the cannon that were prepared to launch around 1,000 kilos of weight each, but the cannon was never used after all, so the balls and the cannon now remain as decorative elements. On top of a base, you can also see the world's largest bell, which is the Tsar Bell, that weighs 202 tons and measures 6 metres in height.

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